Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Great Songs You May Never Have Heard (6)

Let's lean towards a more pop-oriented sound this time, shall we? I first discovered Nada Surf via one of the music blogs that I frequent. While I was aware of them in some distant, peripheral fashion, they started up right around the time I was finishing up being a college DJ, and their forward movement since then has been rather jittery, including another case of being abandoned by their label. More power to them, though, for fighting through it, even including a period of time when the all had *gasp* day jobs.

Consequently, this is one band which I am no authority of. I've picked up what I know of them from bits and pieces of info floating on the wind. But not radio, of course. I'm sure there are places where they receive airplay, but this is another one of those inexplicable cases where, at least with the radio I have access to, they don't get played on the air.

And that's odd. Listen to "See These Bones." I hear this song and I just float away; it strikes me as being as close to the perfect pop song as could possibly exist. Of course, there is no auto-tuning, nor a 13-year-old striking poses to a hectic beat. Instead, there is a catchy opening guitar hook, a solid, propulsive but simple drum beat, and vocals that climb and carry you away. Do listen.

And then, as a bonus, scare up the time to also listen to "Beautiful Beat," also by Nada Surf, and which did receive some visibility, thanks to a play on the show How I Met Your Mother.

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