Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Book Sale

I'm very pleased to announce that Patrick Swenson of Fairwood Press will be publishing my next short story collection, to be titled Over the Darkened Landscape. This will be my fourth book and my second collection (after the late, lamented Wasps at the Speed of Sound). Official publication date is set for November of this year, but the book will be out in late October, I am told, in time for World Fantasy in Toronto.

The reprints in this book will again, like the previous book, span a wide range of my career. My second-ever sale (and Aurora nominee) "Body Solar" will be in this book, as will my last piece of short fiction, "Ancients of the Earth" from Tesseracts 12. I won't give the rest of the titles yet; once the order is settled, though, I'll toss it up here for all to see.

Also unlike Wasps, there will not be any sort of theme. Wasps was a book of eco-SF (sometimes if you looked at the stories from just the right angle). Over the Darkened Landscape will be a mix of fantasy and science fiction, and will also include my four published "Magic Canada" stories, stories that take events in Canada's history and then give them a little bit of a fantastical spin.

There will be more updates as time goes on. We have already lined up a great author to write the introduction, but until that's in I'll hold off on saying anything. And Patrick and I have already been knocking around some cover ideas (remember, I used to be the Art Director for On Spec), and I think we'll have something very soon.

I'm excited about this. Patrick does excellent books, and has published many friends of mine. As with ChiZine, I'm going to be keeping good company and will be handled by a publisher who cares about his writers.

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