Saturday, February 04, 2012

Apple: Making things both easy and difficult

So I got a new Macbook Air a few days ago, and the setup was remarkably easy. But then today I tried to migrate files over from my old Macbook, and boy howdy, did things ever go South. I now for some reason have myself down as a second user, but a second user whose password doesn't work. I decided to reload the OS, which was, as per the title, remarkably simple, but the problem now is that this didn't actually do anything. All of the previous information was saved, while I was hoping it would have all just been cleaned right out so I could start from scratch. I would have been happy with that, because I've barely put anything on. Except for now, where I do have some files, and for some strange reason they're locked away where I can't get them.

Aside from that, the computer is marvelous. At least those parts I've managed to test drive.

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