Thursday, August 09, 2012

When Words Collide Appearance Schedule

I'll be in Calgary for the convention and the Aurora Awards this weekend (seeing as my book Napier's Bones is nominated for Best Novel, this makes sense. That, plus it's a good con). I have a minimal schedule, but if you're there and want to look me up, here's what I'm doing.

Saturday 10am - Reading in Suite 537

Saturday 11am - A Taste of the Auroras in Brentwood

Sunday 1pm - Modern Folklore in Brentwood

Sunday 4pm - The Canadian Voice in SF&F in Brentwood

In addition to these, I will apparently be receiving an Aurora pin some time on Friday night, will be attending a launch party for Blood and Water, I think on Friday night (the book has a reprint of my story "Blue Train"), a party for my publisher ChiZine on Saturday night, and of course the banquet and the awards, also on Saturday night. I have no expectations about that: the good news is that 4 of the 5 other nominees are friends of mine. The 5th is not an enemy, though, just someone I've never met.

Other than that, if you're coming and you want to find me, look for anywhere good single malt is being served.

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